Monday, July 8, 2013

KOA Resistor Kit from Garrett Electronics Corp.

KOA Surface Mount 0603 1% Chip Resistor Kit, 482val, 25ea, 12,050pcs RoHS

Thick Film surface mount chip resistor kit
Components from KOA Speer, a major manufacturer of resistors
KOA Series: RK73H1J
Resistor case size: 0603
Tolerance: 1%
Power rating: 1/10 Watt
Temperature Coefficient: 100ppm
482 values, 25 pieces each
Value range 10 ohm through 1M ohm standard E96 + 000 jumper
Packaging: Bulk in 2” dia box
Stored in 20 drawer steal cabinet 17”x11”x11

This 0603 1% resistor kit contains a comprehensive selection of components from the standard E96 value chart.  It includes values ranging from 10 ohm through 1M, plus the 000 ohm jumper. The parts are packaged in bulk form in 2” diameter boxes, and stored in a sturdy steel cabinet for easy access.  Each box is labeled with the manufacturer’s part number, lot number and date code for full factory tracebility.  The labels also include a brief description of the components.  All Garrett kits are built in our facility located in Santa Maria, California with quality components from our authorized manufacturers.

Garrett Electronics Corp. has supplied quality engineering lab kits to the electronics industry for over 40 years. These kits are designed for use in electronics laboratories and engineering departments. We build our kits with quality components from our authorized suppliers at our facility in Santa Maria, California.

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