Tuesday, September 10, 2013

AVX Ceramic Capacitor Kit from Garrett Electronics Corp.

Best Kits in the Industry!

This AVX surface mount Ceramic Capacitor Kit contains quality AVX surface mount capacitors in case size 0201, with 50 pieces each of 47 values, from 0.5pf to 1uF, in dielectrics of NPO, X7R, X5R.  The components come stored in a light weight plastic 30 drawer cabinet. Cabinet dimensions are 12" Width X 11 1/4" Height X 6 1/4" Deep. Components come as cut tape, in round plastic boxes 1.5" diameter X 0.45.
Part Number AVXCAPC020147HC50.
Reasonably Priced at just $308

The components are obtained by Garrett Electronics from authorized suppliers directly or through authorized distribution. The labels list part numbers, description, quantities and lot number and date codes, when applicable. Kits are built by Garrett in Santa Maria, CA and may be customized to suit. A replacement order form, listing all kit components, is included for your convenience.

These kits are designed for use in electronics laboratories and engineering departments, and are also ideal for the electronics enthusiast Garrett Electronics Corp.has supplied quality engineering design kits to the electronics industry for over 40 years.  We build our kits with quality components from our authorized suppliers at our facility in Santa Maria, California.